Experts say that early vaccinate against influenza: Here's why

Officials come into effect 2 to 4 weeks after vaccination is needed because we recommend an earlier flu shot.
And while it reduces the risk of getting sick, the flu and influenza vaccine has been reduced.
vaccine, which is recommended for most people over 6 months old.
To ensure the best protection as quickly as possible, experts recommend vaccination for the flu.

This is to get your flu shot, mid-season, and then wait for your health, the health of your loved ones, and may be a risk to the public.

"Keep your loved ones," Dr. King MeiLan Han, of Michigan's study of the Lung and Critical Care Medicine Health System, said the professor of the Department of Internal Medicine. Khan as well as the American Lung Association of Michigan Airways is the program director and spokesperson.

"[You] [] is not ready to receive it, so you need someone to love [you]. If you are a pregnant mother, family and young children and immunocompromised people should think, "said Khan born.

And the sooner the better.

Dr. Sean O'Leary, Copenhagen, Colorado Pediatric Instructor, according to the strain of flu each year in the United States notes that killed 5,000 and 50,000 people.

"The vaccine is not 100 percent effective and reduces the risk of serious illness with the flu, and more importantly, reducing the risk of admission to hospital, admission to the care unit Intensive and death, "O'Leary said.

For the flu, as well as limited in his garden.

"We thought about vaccinating the population, which is important for you to have the vaccination, but the cost to the community, as well as the population and the community have enough flu shots that reduces the risk of the total each person, as well as for the immunity of the flock "O'Leary explained.

the importance of early vaccination
Dr. Alan Taege, Ohio's infectious disease clinic, explains the importance of vaccination.

"Vaccination is important for the first ones after receiving the infection with the flu virus from vaccination develop in the body protective antibodies, it can take 2 to 4 weeks," Taege said.

Both Pediatrics (Aap) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American Academy of Source is generally not high on the preparation for the influenza season at the end of October flu vaccine offers the faithful.

"He can never start," Khan said. "This is for the CDC's construction, immunity for a while at the beginning of the flu shot is offered can be protected for the entire flu season. "

CDC is above the age of 6 months, have recommendationTrusted source.

includes recommendations for vaccination of children 6 months and older Aap today gave revised instructions.

An organization as well as between the flu shot and the nasal spray expressed no preference.