In food, as well as apples and green tea can protect flavonoids against cancer, heart disease,

Scientists said foods like apples and green tea is rich in flavonoids, can reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.
Flavonoid study daily reduces the risk of consuming 500 mg.
Supplementary flavonoid intake in addition to the risk of heart disease, but not less than flavonoids and decrease the risk of cancer.
No, an apple a day can help keep cancer and heart disease.

But there are also rich in flavonoids, such as green tea and other food products. This plant is known to reduce inflammation and a powerful antioxidant activity is food.

Many people eat flavonoid-rich foods, published in the journal Nature CommunicationsTrusted Source-less, according to a new report, for example, cancer and heart disease that those who ate food can be a little dead.

According to a study conducted by researchers at Edith Cowan Armenia and the effects of flavonoids, heavy alcohol consumption or smoke, especially for people who use powerful.

The result of more than 23 years, of which more than 53,000 Danish people will lead to an analysis of the food consumed.

Nikola Bondonno, PhD, Edith Cowan's main academic research and research results on scientific research, and there is a high risk for cancer and heart disease, in particular, should eat more vegetables and fruits.

Previous research has less than 7.8 million people die worldwide, as soon as the consumption of fruits and vegetables each year. It is defined as drinking less than 800 grams.

"Your health is not good for reducing alcohol and tobacco," Bondonno said. 'However, this type of lifestyle, as well as encourage people to reduce smoking, alcohol, as well as weekend so complex flavonoid consumption has been increased to eliminate the risk of a novel can be a new way possible. "

Get your daily dose of flavonoids
Daily consumption of flavonoids, 500 milligrams (mg) research has revealed that in order to provide protection against the disease.

heart disease, or all-cause mortality, no additional protection against flavonoid-rich tobacco consumed and observed for moderate drinkers.

However, the flavonoids consuming the cancer seemed to increase up to 1000 mg.

"He has reached maximum daily food, as well as research," he said.

"This is compelling evidence that includes research to improve health care infrastructure, what you can eat - we knew that the initiatively," Dr. William Lee, in the book: "Eat to the Beat of Illness and the writer: How can science heal your body, "and is president of the Angiogenez Foundation. "Flavonoids we think can play an important role in food. "

"The consequences of this kind of food for the benefit of their students have highlighted the possibility of overdose," he said. "We must improve the health of the whole can not need to become vegan. "

Foods that contain flavonoid fruits, vegetables, dark chocolate, tea and red wine.

"No one is a flavonoid or complex," Teresa Baczkowski, White Memorial Adventist Health Hospital in Los Angeles, director of clinical nutrition at birth. "It keeps us healthy, natural food products, the rest of that and other compounds. "

"Every variety of food and herbal drinks to consume a variety of flavonoid compounds found in various important," Bondonno.

"This diet can be reached quickly. One with a cup of tea, apples, oranges, blueberries, 100 grams and 100 grams of broccoli flavonoids, flavonoid compounds would be provided with a series of over 500 mg, "he said.