Kindergarten is really worth it? According to a new study Yes

quality of out-of-school and out-of-school children, according to a new study more than their counterparts from the hands of self-regulating behavior and academic skills in this area.
The benefits of this increase in the vocabulary of other children and their school life and employment can make shoes for children with a love for books.
In addition to teachers, school children who do not attend school as a quarter of the beginning of grade high school letter can show academic merit.
this year, with the new school year, parents of preschool children's minds developing, or going back to school can ask them to make a lot of difference.

In addition, costs can be higher sometimes. In addition, to enter these programs, usually young children, it is difficult for some parents, their children home daycare, or may feel that they must be trained.

So, go back to school, can we really do something in the development of a child?

the answer, according to a new study, published in the journal Child Development, yes - but a high-quality program.

Chicago School Preparation Project (CSRP), of which 10 years and 466 to control low income, racial and ethnic variety of 3 and 4 years old, high school is the beginning of a longitudinal study.

Half of the classroom teacher participants, the discipline of stress management and development-oriented strategy, and professional training, and to ensure that participated in the Head Start program. The second half of the traditional has participated in the program Head Start.

To get additional education teachers, the beginning of many other members of the same class as a quarter of their school class and income.

Online for years, teacher training, students, scientists, behavior of self-regulation and academic skills results in a more positive classroom environment has led to this conclusion.

"However, the study of the early impact of self-regulation skills, program participants in high school, did not improve the performance of the service in advance. Notes that,

However, as the results of the first study. For example, in 1960, the Perry Preschool Project, as well as a highly educated teaching staff at school, especially the poor and the risks to people of diverse backgrounds, students pointed out that there may be a long gain influence.

The true influence of preschool education
"Preschool" a lot of benefits, as well as pediatrician development and behavior American Pediatrics (AAP) spokesperson P. Gail Williams Academy, said: "This will help young people learn to communicate with other young people How to get there take with and. and what's important. "

According to him, these benefits can be extended, he said.

"We have kids and they are in the early years of this game, the vocabulary they learn from play situations, I know other kids to learn, play and learn," he explained.

It is self-regulation, like love, come to school to learn some of the basics and benefits, employment, education, children can be up to one foot.

It is the view of this, the executive director of the Children's Research Institute and Nevada policy, agrees with that.

This is in addition to public and said: "Preschoolers Some of the benefits are the most common vocabulary and pre-literacy skills, as well as other models, such as recognition of sorting and counting skills pre -mathematics include development and growth, "he said: the emergence of feelings.