Protein for every workout, your body can not do much

A new study of truboçki health proteins after an exhausting workout, find evidence that can help restore.
Participants develop and shake protein after muscle pain and muscle strength and function decreased.
The experts of the study was small and the research phase.
we waved to the gym after a heavy weight meeting of a protein that, if you do right, because it's impossible.

In fact, a weight lifting device, and even everyday gym enthusiasts have no weight requirement session to muscle repair have been told that the drinking protein shakes.

But Lincoln Britain, a new truboçki study protein no restoration of power, such as sports drinks and high-carb drinks, believes it is effective in restoring relationships.

In fact, British researchers also truboçki protein-based, dairy-based truboçki muscle recovery medium or a patient compared to a carbohydrate drink.

This exercise excludes a lot of knowledge, as well as the participants in the research.

What is the best post-workout recovery drink?
The researchers in a study published in the Journal of Human Kinetics, and the study, 20 men aged 30 and 30 all participants had at least one year experience with resistance training.

30 participants were divided into three groups. In each group, consumption of serum hydrolyzate, drink milk, or an intensive training session attributed later to consume a carbohydrate drink or taste.

After the training, the participants were retested and the muscle pain, on a scale of zero to the amount of their assessment ("no"), 200 (sick muscle muscle disease may be "bad"). As well as the participants are sitting in a squat service as much as possible, including a group of drugs, as well as the high jump, launch the end of a number of strength and power, he said.

At the beginning of the study, all participants were between 19 and 26 muscles in the patient's assessment, or very few. After that, they have a training weight after the session of 24 and 48 hours a day. which is far superior to all participants rated over 90, and their patients.

In addition, the physical and muscular examination showed a decrease in participants' obligations.

However, the other three groups, there is no difference between recovery and patient scores. Therefore, the study of writers for the restoration of muscle protein shakes or eat, there is no additional benefit has come to an end.

"The power of protein and intensive carbohydrate training necessary for the effective recovery of muscle fibers and changes in the type of protein, even if our investigation immediately responded to a strong recovery or muscle is not calm, education, recommendations , "Senior author Thomas Ki, PhD, at the Lincoln Sports Head of the Strength and Conditioning Program, according to the release. "We are well balanced daily diet of delayed onset muscle diseases would be restored to a greater extent, it would be good forever. "