Pumpkin Cold Cream Brew vs. Spice Latte Pumpkin: Calorie Comparison

Pumpkin Cold Cream Brew: Starbucks has added to its seasonal pumpkin coffee beverage menu.
the new drinks dazzled, low in calories, fat and sugar than its predecessor, the Spice Latte pumpkin.
However, cold cream pumpkin Brew a Spice Latte pumpkin, if you have to eat a little better than both of them, as well as the typical coffee drink in calories, fat, and sugar prices.
you can improve the nutritional value of small changes, but experts believe that more alcoholic beverages, coffee, dessert and should be treated as a proposal.
Each year, Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) in late August, while sitting just above the temperature of 90 ° C, as in many parts of the country were launched.

So, half of the company annual sales of cold drinks, coffee, PSL decided to give fans a new cold pumpkin-flavored coffee, still, the same scarf in the cold storage, but you can taste their thirst and fall off the closet again Cardigan returns.

This is called Pumpkin Cold Cream Brew, Pumpkin, and the first in 16 years, including Starbucks coffee drinks. (PSL 2003 was included in the last paragraph)

Venus viewers and pumpkin critics may find something to like about this new coffee making: Cold House Coffee House, with the juice of a sweet vanilla. This cold liquid pumpkin flavored cream is filled with moss, and finished with a pumpkin spice vapor.

drinks and food products, while fans can be a real pumpkin-flavored direction, nutritionists have praised the new seasonal cold drinks Porter, not so fast.

What was actually eating: cold cream pumpkin Brew
Born for this event and talking to Nutritionists Pumpkin Cold Cream Brew a Spice Latte pumpkin is a little better than the meals were quick to note, however, as well as any type of coffee drink can cost you in terms of calories, fat and sugar.

There is a big cold pumpkin cream Brew:

250 kcal
12 grams of fat
oxide 31 grams
31 grams of sugar
There is a grant from a Pumpkin Latte Spice:

380 kcal
14 grams of fat
oxide 52 grams
50 grams of sugar
Yule, MS, RDN, a nutrition and public relations specialist "Iced Classic Pumpkin Spice Roma, with a selection of over 100 calories pumpkin cold beer cream, declaim," Healthline. "Size range 8 large from 10 grams or three drinks, there is a significant amount of PSL and PSL medium oil that suggests the protein contains more milk than the cold cream pumpkin Brew - .. The information that the site no has not been provided, like, for example, potassium and other nutrients it also seems "

Yule further explained, "Cold Cream Pumpkin PSL Brew is lower than sugar, but some of this difference can be explained by the lower natural milk sugars. "

Of course, many of these drinks, hot drinks, Starbucks dessert at any time, and this should be no surprise to the people and should be treated the same way.

"You have to order something other than Starbucks drink black tea, the sugar golodnıh'll be a lot of" Maxi Younkin, MS, LDN, Maxi Younkin psychologist meal times.